Gabriela V.      

"Fantastic food!! Loved the pre-mothers day brunch! Highly recommend attending Tim's special meals. We will be joining again in the future!"

Joel K.

"It was amazing! Amazing food and service! Thanks"


"Chef Tim has changed the cadence of our weekday evenings. We wanted to come home and soak up family time with our young daughter, but instead found ourselves worrying about making dinner, whether dinner was healthy, and questioning whether we were effectively establishing the family dinner time tradition/expectation. Now that we work with Chef Tim, we don’t worry about these things. We always have healthy meals ready to heat and serve. Family dinner time happens regularly and it’s delicious! We like to explore new flavors and foods. Chef Tim keeps coming up with new and tasty meals. Of course, he also makes particularly wonderful versions of some of our favorites that we request on occasion (e.g., short ribs and polenta). While he is great with meat proteins, I’ve been particularly impressed with the vegetarian options he has brought to the table; it is so nice to have filling meal options that do not have to be based on a meat. Also, we’ve had a number of changes to our family and schedules since we started working with Chef Tim (including another child). He has been wonderful about accommodating requests outside of our normal service (e.g., request for additional meals for visiting family, requests for appetizers for get-togethers, etc.)."